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My Care Dynamics was started by Michelle Dodd, a registered nurse with a background of 13 years of home health.  So many times in the patients' homes the questions were raised: "why don't you already know this, they didn't give you this information at the hospital?" and "who is going to do all this coordination when you leave?" The answers to both were that there was no resource that could provide the oversight and communication between all the settings. That left all of the communication on the families. With jobs and children of their own, the families aren't always able to spend the time making the phone calls, following up with doctors, tracking down prescriptions, and other health care related tasks. 

A company was born. 

Our families have access to a Registered nurse 24 hours a day who is available to make calls, attend appointments, and send clinical updates to family members, multiple doctors, and other providers. The bonus is that our experience brings the oversight to a higher level.  We manage labs that are due and obtain orders so that labs are drawn once for all doctors. We monitor client function and add resources to prevent decline (such as therapy). 

We are a proactive approach to health care that improves quality of life, fosters independence, and results in higher quality relationships between our  clients and their family members. We give the gift of time.... Time to do the fun things in life. Having more health care needs doesn't have to mean that your relationships have to be controlled by them. Having a health care manager means that your time together can remain time with your family member.

We Understand

Having a loved one who has health care needs can feel like a full time job. Even when there are other caregivers who do the day to day bathing and meal preparation, the coordination of all of his or her needs takes time. Calls to doctors,  drives to pharmacies, attending appointments, and tracking down supplies and equipment takes away from the quality of time and the relationship with that loved one. It also impacts time at work and with other family members. 

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We Collaborate

We work with you to have a care plan encompassing all of the facets of care that your loved one needs or has in place. We give you the peace of mind knowing that there is a registered nurse who knows what's going on with your loved one's health care. 

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 We Deliver

Our services help people remain independent where they are for as long  as possible. We ensure the proper resources are in place to maintain levels of function and foster independence. 

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These services are private pay and are not covered by insurance.

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