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Health Care Management and Coordination

Welcome to health care management. Our Registered Nurses are waiting to help you get and maintain the best health care for your loved one. We do this by getting to know your loved one and working with your doctors, home care, hospitals, and other providers to bring health care together.  We advocate, coordinate, and manage health care so the ones you love can have the best! We offer Full Service Health Care Management and Pay as you go Health Care Coordination. 

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Full Service Health Care Management 

This is for those who would like complete coordination and management we have full health care management options.  Care planning and management plus coordination and visits.  We monitor for additional needs and follow up with coordination as indicated. 

We have two options for Full Service Health Care Management:

Care Management with unlimited Coordination:

This is for clients who have many coordination needs. This includes multiple appointment scheduling, multiple providers (doctors, home health, personal care, etc...), and medication needs. For these clients there is a plan that includes your first two nursing visits (additional visits at a discounted rate), care planning, medication coordination, obtain orders as needed, and unlimited coordination requests.

Care Management with Coordination as Needed:

This is for clients who want their health care monitored, but may be more stable. We maintain a care plan, keep up with the medication list, obtain orders as needed, and monitor for additional coordination request needs. We notify you as they come up and, if you would like, we take care of them for you. Biweekly or weekly phone call updates with RN Health Care Manager included.

Pay as you go Health Care Coordination!

See below how to make health care coordination your own!

*written reports included with all coordination

Coordination Requests

This includes medical coordination, in home testing, medication box filling, processing referrals to home health and other providers, scheduling appointments, scheduling transportation, prescription coordination, hospital discharge.  We can request doctor notes from previous visits, review them, ensure all follow up is completed, and give you a report.

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Registered Nurse Visits

Sick visits: 

Not feeling well? Give us a call and a Registered Nurse will come to your loved one and complete an assessment. We will then call the doctor our observations along with the reason we were called in for a visit in the first place.  If the doctor orders testing we coordinate the testing and get the results to the doctor. We can also schedule your doctor's appointment. 

Wellness Visits:

These visits are to help you monitor how your loved one is doing. We monitor for changing trends in vital signs, weight, and functional ability. 

Assessments w/ Care Plan:

Not sure what your needs are? We bring our experience in health care to assess your circumstances and provide a Care Plan tailored to your needs. 

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Accompany to Doctor Appointments

We can pick up your loved one and bring to an appointment or we can meet your loved one at the appointment. Our Registered Nurses will complete a report of what was discussed and complete follow up coordination. We can advocate for your loved one during the appointment to ensure that all concerns are addressed. 

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These services are private pay and are not covered by insurance.

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